What Documents Should a Landlord Request?

Getting the right documents from your future tenants is a wise move for any landlord. Finding out as much as you can about prospective tenants is an important part of ensuring your tenants are suitable for your home. It can be difficult for a landlord to know exactly which documents to obtain, so that’s why it’s imperative that your property management team has a strict checklist to go by. 

Proof of identity

Are they really who they say they are? This is the reason why, you, as a landlord, need to ensure that your tenant has provided you with proof of identity documents.  Verification of ID can include a driver’s licence, passport, Medicare card, Proof of Age card.  Imagine that you rent your home to someone who seems like the perfect fit, only to find out a few weeks later they’re actually an internationally wanted drug lord!! OK, we may be going over the top here, but hey – anything’s possible!

Previous Tenancy

A tenant ledger supplied by the previous real estate agent is an essential document for any landlord.  A tenant ledger will show a history of rent being paid and most importantly that the rent was being paid on time by the tenant. 

Proof Of Income

There’s no point offering a tenancy to someone with a good rental reference if they currently have no proof of income.  As a landlord you want to feel assured that your tenant will be able to pay the rent on time.  Sources of income include employment or welfare benefits.  An applicant should be able to show you a record of income being paid to them and this will definitely give you assurance that they are in receipt of a steady income.  Having a steady income is one of the major deciding factors in whether they are likely to be paying their rent on time.

National Tenancy Database (NTD) Check 

We at Landlords Choice can provide you with assistance along the way by having a NTD check completed on your applicant.  A NTD check basically is ensuring that the information the applicant has provided on their application matches with what is on the various databases throughout the country.  The NTD check shows if identification documents provided match those within the databases, if an applicant has been previously blacklisted and bankruptcy information.  Think of the NTD as your peace of mind, you are wanting the assurance that you have made the right decision in selecting the best tenant for your property.   

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