Private Landlords

Trying to rent out or sell your property? The housing market is an ever-changing entity, and it can be a full time job just to advertise. What if there was a one-stop site that could help you rent or sell your property at a very affordable price? Welcome to Landlords Choice!

Landlords Choice is one of the best private landlords services around. We help you rent or sell your properties, deal with all the legal paperwork, and help you advertise on two of Australia’s most popular property sites. It’s easy to get started with our service, and even easier to manage your property afterwards.

Getting Started

Starting on the path to working with Landlords Choice is as simple as 1, 2, 3!
1: Read through our terms and conditions, as well as the service packages we offer.
2: Pick a service package we offer and make sure you have any relevant paperwork we might need.
3: Register with our service via the website or e-mail.

Once you’ve registered with us, you’re free to purchase a service package and we’ll get right to work on your property.

Our Services

Landlords Choice is incredibly reasonably priced, and we offer a variety of service packages for you to choose from depending on your property and situation.

  • Free: One property listing on our personal rentals website
  • $110: The Basic Tools: 1 tailored “For Lease” sign
    a pack of legal documents and
    a search in the National Tenancy Database
  • $199: The Complete Rental
    Listings on multiple domains
    a legal documents pack
    a search in the National Tenancy Database
    and more services

If you’re selling instead of renting, we even have a package for that. It includes listings on multiple sites for a low price. We also offer additional “For Lease” signs and tenancy database searches for a minimal fee.

Registering with Landlords Choice is simple.

You can e-mail us at or you can fill out our website registration form. All you’ll need is your name, location, address and contact information. Simply create an account and we’ll be well on the way to helping you lease or sell your property.

Why Choose Landlords Choice?

Landlords Choice is one of the best websites assisting private landlords in Australia. We’re much less expensive than hiring a property agent to rent or sell for you. Our most expensive package is merely $199, less than half of the usual $500 or more charged by most agents. This means more of the rent from your properties is yours.

Moreover, many agents will charge an ongoing fee to manage your properties for you. We have no ongoing fee, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. We have no hidden costs and our prices are very reasonable.


If you’re selling rather than renting, you’ll find our prices even more reasonable. Not only is our sale package cheap, but we don’t take a commission out of the final sales price. All the money that’s negotiated for the sale of your property is yours to keep.

The domains we list your property on are some of the best property rental and sale domains available. They get the most traffic and the most successful rentals out of any you can find.

Landlords Choice is a premiere private landlord service with an incredibly low cost and a great success rate. List your properties with us and you’ll be renting in no time. Likewise if you’re selling your property – we’ll put you ahead of those trying to sell solo.