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Landlords Rent the Best Properties

Landlords rent some of the best properties in the world, and many people find that they would rather work with private rental landlords than a property management company. While property management companies have a time and a place, many tenants find that they handle too many properties and can’t keep up with their needs. When you own your own properties and want to rent those properties out, you need information for landlords.

Private Landlords: Setting Your Price

One of the first things you need to consider before you start looking for tenants is the price you want to charge. While it might be nice to get $1,000 every month for your property, is that figure an accurate representation of the property? You need to look at the size of the property, its locations and any amenities that you include in the monthly cost. A recently renovated kitchen can increase the price because tenants want homes that look good, and extra features like a hot tub or Jacuzzi shower can also increase your price.

Location is one of the biggest factors that determines your price. As you look at renting out your property, think about the city and surrounding neighborhood. If your home sits in a slightly dogy area, you shouldn’t expect to get top dollar. Your tenants want to feel safe and comfortable, and many people are willing to pay more for landlords with properties in good areas.

For Landlords: Finding Tenants

After setting your price, it’s time to find good tenants. Landlords rent good properties, but you can only find the best tenants by advertising. Placing a single sign in front of your property will only let you reach people who drive by the sign or live in the area. We offer different services for landlords that will get people excited about the home. Our free property listing service lets you list your home on our website, but you can purchase another package to reach even more prospective tenants.

For just $110, we can put your property on our website and give you a leasing sign. You’ll also receive the legal documents that you need to keep your property and tenants safe. We’ll also give you a free search of the National Tenancy Database. Another option is out $199 package, which is great when you find yourself renting out your property. You get all of the same services you would in the other packages, but we’ll also list your home on different websites to reach more tenants.

Information for Landlords: Showing Your Properties

Would you buy a new car without getting behind the wheel and taking it for a spin? You shouldn’t expect tenants to sign the documents and rent your property without seeing it first. Private rental landlords sometimes think that showing their properties online is just like showing it in real life, but you need to let potential tenants actually see the inside of that home.

Before meeting with a single person, take the time to clean the property and make any necessary repairs. Now is your chance to repair holes that past tenants left in the walls, clean the bathroom and kitchen and make the property feel clean and well maintained. When you show your home to tenants, make sure that you can answer any questions they might have about local attractions, school districts and other features.

Private Rental Landlords: Check Those Tenants

The best information for landlords that we can offer involves a background check. No matter how sweet and innocent the woman standing in front of you looks, she might have a long history of skipping out on landlords rent. Even if a tenant can pay several months rent in advance, the person might stop making payments later.

A background check shows you the potential risk associated with certain tenants. You might find that the nice university student has three evictions on his record, or you might discover that the single mother interested in the property has a history of drug abuse. Doing a background check will stop you from losing money on the wrong tenants.

You deserve the best tenants, and we can help you find them. Whether you need help advertising your property, looking for legal documents or checking on prospective tenants, we can help.