How Do I Advertise My House Privately?

If you’ve got a rental property, then you might be wondering “How can I advertise it online without a real estate agent”?  There are a few things that you need to know, and in this blog, we walk you through a few steps towards renting your house privately and why consulting an expert, at least for part of the way, may be a good idea.

The bonus of advertising and managing it yourself, is that you won’t be paying advertising fees, agent fees and you get to communicate directly with your tenant.  

Listing the property online

Real estate agents normally do this job for you, so if you’re serious about renting your house privately, you have to be prepared for listing it and managing inspections on your own.  At Landlords Choice we list your property online across 8 real estate portals.  You will need to write your heading/description and provide images – we are always ready to assist you if you need any help. 

Decide the amount of rent to charge

Setting the rental price can be daunting, especially if you’ve just purchased the property and haven’t rented it out before.  There are various factors that determine how much you should charge for rent.  The first step is to compare it with similar-sized homes in the area and see what their rental prices are. Then, you should assess the property’s features and consider the expenses associated with your property.  For this step, you could also contact a local agent and ask them for a rental appraisal – it doesn’t cost you anything. But be prepared for the agent trying to win your listing if you do this!

Managing inspections

As you will be present at the open inspections, it gives you a great chance to meet the potential tenants face to face as well as answering any questions that they may have.  Being present at open inspections also gives you the ability to put a face to the name on the tenancy application when assessing applications.

Getting the property ready for open inspection

Renting your property privately means you have to know what to look for to get the property in tip-top shape for open inspection. This includes rigorous cleaning, basic repairs like leaking taps or blown light bulbs and taking care of overgrown outdoor areas.

Choosing a tenant

Possibly the most difficult task of renting out your house privately is choosing the tenant.  Real estate agents have access to tenancy databases which have vital information on tenant history.  We offer national tenancy database (NTD) checks for our clients for a small fee.  Most tenancy application forms will ask for drivers’ licenses or photo IDs, references from previous landlords and employment history.  Choosing the wrong tenant can have devastating effects for you and your home. Late payments, careless treatment of your house and breaking the lease are all potential risks you need to consider. This is why conducting a NTD check, checking rental history and employment history are all must-do things when it comes to choosing your tenant. 

Renting out your house privately can be a tricky and complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be! That’s why we at Landlords Choice offer you all the tools you need to find new tenants quickly and efficiently.    

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