How Can I Improve My Rental Property?

Improving your rental property is a clever move for lots of different reasons. You’re less likely to be hassled by tenants with repair requests, your tenants are more likely to stay for a longer period of time and you’ll be able to maximise your rental return. So, let’s go through a few ways you can improve your rental property and reap all the benefits.

New carpets

Carpets are quite often the first thing that needs attention when your tenants leave. Carpets can easily wear and tear, look dirty and dated.  Having new carpet laid will provide your rental with a clean and fresh look which is appealing to new tenants.  It is also an inexpensive way of improving your rental.  Pricing for carpet can be around the $1000 mark for some landlords, however it all depends on the size of your rooms and the quality of carpet chosen.

Bathroom and kitchen renovation

Okay, we know what you’re thinking… bathroom and kitchen renovations are a big task, right? Not necessarily.  No matter the location or size of the property, It’s difficult to charge a premium price for your rental if the bathroom and/or kitchen are looking shabby.

Bathroom and kitchen renovations don’t necessarily have to be a massive job. A bathroom renovation could be something as simple as a new paint job, a new shower curtain, vanity unit, new bath taps and a showerhead.

Sometimes it is possible to tile over existing tiles, and avoid costly tile removal and the installation of a new membrane. This also avoids the delays in getting strata approval if the property is a unit.

Kitchen makeovers could include painting the cupboards, installing new hardware, new taps or maybe even a new stove/oven if the old one is on its last legs.

Air conditioning unit

Living in Australia, having aircon is a must and it’s another great way to improve your rental property.  A powerful reverse cycle air conditioner is an alluring feature for tenants which is sure to draw them in for the long haul, especially with our summers getting hotter.


With dishwashers now being so common, doing the dishes by hand is basically a thing of the past.  A dishwasher in your rental property can drastically improve its value in the eyes of tenants.  Buying and installing a dishwasher isn’t too expensive either, you just need to do your research on which dishwasher you think will work best at your property and keep an eye out on when stores have sales so you can bag yourself a bargain.

We hope this post shows you that making huge improvements to your rental property doesn’t have to come at a huge price. These methods will help you find tenants fast and maximise your rental return. 

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