Checklist for getting your property ready to be rented

If you’re about to rent out a property, you’re probably thinking, where do I start? Cleaning? Repairs? Advertisements? It’s a good question to ask because not having the answer will cost you time, money and stress. Today, we’ll run you through our checklist for renting out a property.


Whether it’s a broken lock or a cracked window, repairing your property before advertising is a key move to securing great tenants. Tenants have high standards and won’t want to live with leaking taps, broken tiles, or any other areas that need repair. That’s why it’s important that major repairs are completed before advertising.


You might be moving out of the family home and have a few appliances that you’re not sure of whether to take with you or leave for the new tenants. While leaving appliances like dishwashers or dryers can add value to your property, it may not be financially feasible for you to go out and buy a whole new array of appliances. Know exactly what you’re taking and what you’re leaving behind. It’s also important to remember that any


Here’s one you’d definitely expect to find on our checklist for renting out a property: cleaning it. This sets standards high and also appeals to high-quality tenants who respect cleanliness and take good care of their environments. Some of the first areas that you should attend to include carpets, windows, floorboards, kitchen and bathroom, and not to forget your outdoor areas and garage. 

Personal touches

Once your house is clean, it’s time to add some thoughtful touches to make it stand out. This could mean a new coat of paint or some new light fittings, or something more like updating the bathroom or getting a new air-conditioner:  anything that may attract and appeal to your new tenants.


Arranging landlord’s insurance is another crucial part of our property checklist. There are a range of packages out there with different perks at different prices, so make sure you take your time deciding which is best for you and which insurance company to go with.


Once you’ve completed the checklist and double-checked with a team of property experts like Landlord’s Choice, you’re ready to advertise!

As you can see, there’s a pretty logical approach to getting your property ready to rent out. Still, it can be hard to make sure you’ve ticked off every little thing. The team at Landlord’s Choice have been doing this for a long time and know exactly where to look for when getting your property tenant ready. For expert advice, contact Landlord’s Choice today.

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