Checklist for signing up new tenants

Getting new tenants in your property can be a bit of a process. There are so many things to keep on top of.  How do you make sure you’ve checked every aspect of your tenant’s application so that you know you’re making the right decision? We have compiled the ultimate landlord checklist for getting in new tenants.

Background check

Doing a background check on a new applicant is the first thing on our landlord checklist. It could be as simple as a Google or social media search and it’s a great way to get a rough insight into someone’s character.

Identity verification

Always ensure you’ve got a copy of your applicant’s driver’s license, photo ID, passport, or anything else that supports their proof of identity.  Letting someone live in your home is a big deal, so it’s important you’re sure of their true identity.  

Proof of Income / Employment

Making sure that your new applicant can pay the rent is a big one on our checklist for landlords. You should always request proof of income / employment details and a recent payslip.

Rental reference

Previous, successful rental history is an ideal quality in new applicants. If a tenant has one or more glowing references from previous landlords or agents, they’re likely to treat your house with respect and pay the rent on time.

Personal references

Personal references are on our landlord checklist because they show that your tenant has a balanced life. 

Bond is paid for

Once you’ve accepted your perfect candidate, your new tenant must pay the bond.

Tenancy agreement is signed

The tenant must sign the tenancy agreement as this contains all the terms and conditions of their occupancy of your home.  It may seem obvious but it’s a vital part of the process and hence must be included on our landlord checklist.

Checking for repairs

Before your tenant moves in, it’s time to organise any necessary repairs.  This includes checking that all appliances work, testing smoke alarms, repairing water leaks, checking that all locks work, and conducting a thorough clean of the home. 

Property Condition Report

This report is an important document that captures the condition of your property at the time the tenant moves in. It needs to be agreed and signed by you as the landlord and the tenant. It’s important to capture any existing issues in detail to avoid future disputes and to give a copy of the report to the tenant.     

We hope this landlord checklist gives you the tools you need to pick the ideal tenant for your rental property.  The truth is, it’s easy to let one or two things slip through your fingers.  Landlords Choice can help you get your rental property advertised online and getting you in contact with potential tenants, which is half the battle.

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