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How Do I Advertise My House Privately?

If you’ve got a rental property, then private renting seems like the dream. In this post, we walk you through a few steps towards renting your house privately and why consulting an expert, at least for part of the way, may be a good idea.

What Documents Should a Landlord Request?

Getting the right documents from your future tenants is a wise move for any landlord. It can be difficult for a landlord to know exactly which documents to obtain, Landlords Choice provide you with details of what you need.

Checklist for getting your property ready to be rented

If you’re about to rent out a property, you’re probably thinking… where the heck do I start? Cleaning? Repairs? Advertisements? It’s a good question to ask because not having the answer will cost you time, money and stress. Today, we’ll run you through our checklist for renting out a property.

Checklist for signing up new tenants

Getting new tenants in your property can be a bit of a process. There are so many things to keep on top of. How do you make sure you’ve checked every aspect of your tenant’s application so that you know you’re making the right decision? That’s why we’ve compiled the ultimate landlord checklist for getting in new tenants.